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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy

Welcome to the Maths Department 2017/18

This year the Maths Department welcomes an experienced new leadership team.  They bring a plethora of experience, a proven track record of success for their students and bundles of energy, enthusiasm and creativity.

We formally welcome:

  • Mr Madajczyk – Assistant Head Teacher of Maths and Numeracy
  • Mr Lees – Head of Maths
  • Mrs Mills – Lead Practitioner of Maths
  • Miss Whittaker – Teacher of Maths and Numeracy Co-ordinator
  • Mr Shergill – Teacher of Maths
  • Mrs Atif – Teacher of Maths

Pencils Please!
The department has successfully implemented a pencil only policy. Students are now completing all of their Maths work in pencil, allowing them to improve the presentation quality of their work. This is particularly evident with graphical and geometry topics. Students have fully embraced the policy and are enjoying the benefits of their enhanced presentation – well done to all!

Open Evening
Prospective students and their parents were able to test out their numeracy and mathematical reasoning skills at the Academy’s recent Open Evening.  Visitors were challenged to select the winning car based on probability and were able to test their predictions. It turns out that Lamborghinis aren’t always that fast after all! In ‘Beat the Teacher’, numeracy skills were put to the test in an interactive game.  Lots more fun was had with various mathematical puzzles including measuring times and speeds using a scalectrix track – vroom!