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The Ace Academy

New News Story

This half term has been a whirlwind in the SEN department! 

Miss McIntosh has been running a Social Use of Language Programme (SULP) with some of our Year 9 and 10 pupils and they’ve been making great progress against their targets.

The aim of SULP is to help pupils develop social communication skills, which will benefit them when they move on to Further Education and then employment in adulthood. 

So far this term, the group has been working on presentations about themselves and how to ask relevant questions to gain more information.

Each pupil will be reviewed at the end of a full term and new targets will be set.  Great progress so far, guys; you’ve shown fantastic participation in the group!

Mrs Dunnaker has been running a Girls’ Group focussing on friendship skills and how to overcome difficulties that might occur.  Most recently the group looked at a range of emotions and how these may affect friendships.  Mrs Dunnaker has said that the girls in the group have had some really interesting conversations about how they can support each other. 

Well done, girls!