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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy

Year 9 History Projects

Independent Projects in History

In the May term, Year 9 students completed an Independent Project in History. They were asked to choose something in History that interested them and create a project on it – anything they wanted. This was designed to make students love History (even more) and show off their skills. We have received submissions of essays, posters, scrapbooks, models, and even cakes! It’s been fantastic to see so many parents get involved with this as well – so well done and thank you to you all!


Topics that we received projects on included: Jack the Ripper, the Titanic disaster, WW1, WW2, Greek mythology, the prison system, Suffragettes, and even the history of local football teams!


Special commendation goes to:


Ben Gardener:       Creating his own family tree!

Josh Seaborne:    Famous decommissioned prisons

Sky Gearing:          The Holocaust

Ellie Bird:                The Blitz

Chelsea Alexis:     Titanic

Elysia Rushton:     Rationing in WW2

Emily Hartill:          Titanic

Jahmila Vernon:   Suffragettes


These students will be rewarded for their effort, achievement and creativity during assemblies. A massive well done to all those involved – what a fantastic bunch of historians Year 9 ACErs are!