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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy


The Academy Attendance Policy can be found here.

At ACE Academy we strongly believe that Attendance and Punctuality are vital for a child to maximise their potential and create a feeling of belonging in their class and school community.


In promoting the belief that Attendance and Punctuality are important values we will be helping to ensure our children benefit fully from the Education Opportunities available to them, to equip them for life and potentially impacting upon their futures a citizens, employees and employers.

We believe that:

  • Repeated and consistent lateness is an unsettling start to the school day for both the child and school
  • Prolonged and consistent absence, in any year group, affects access to the curriculum ultimately impacting on progress
  • Unnecessary, parentally condoned and unauthorised absence should be challenged and both school and parents/carers held responsible for the impact this may have on any pupils full attendance

We actively monitor and manage all attendance and absence in accordance with the Pupil Registration Regulations, to follow the Department for Education (DfE) guidelines in relation to attendance and absence and expect all parents/carers to work with us to ensure all pupils maintain an attendance figures of at least 96% throughout the academic year.