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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy

Code of Conduct

The Academy’s Behaviour Policy can be viewed here. 

The ACE Academy is committed to achieving the highest standards of behaviour, in particular building good relationships between the different members of the Academy community and encouraging the type of behaviour needed for high levels of achievement in the class.  The Academy has zero tolerance of bullying or any form of racism or homophobia.

Parents should note that pupils will be permanently excluded if they bring any form of drugs or weapons into the Academy, or physically abuse members of staff.

"Along corridors, in the canteen and outside there is generally a calm and orderly environment..." (HMI July 2017)

At The ACE Academy we value and encourage:

  • Positive attitudes to learning
  • Mutual respect between staff and students, and between students
  • Taking care of others and their property
  • Taking responsibility for our own actions and our own learning
  • Success and achievement at all levels
  • A high quality learning environment

We achieve these by:

  • Celebrating and rewarding success and achievement
  • Having high expectations of behaviour, uniform and conduct including clear sanctions for breaches of the Academy Code of Conduct
  • Having all basic school equipment in all lessons
  • Supporting and encouraging others
  • Maintaining the highest quality buildings and resources by looking after what we have
  • Involving students and staff in decisions about the future of our Academy

We do not tolerate:

  • Disrespect of any sort to staff or students
  • Poor behaviour at school or in the community which then affects the reputation or smooth running of the Academy
  • Bullying
  • Aggression of any sort towards anyone
  • Offensive or abusive language
  • Truanting
  • Use of illegal substances, smoking or energy/caffeine drinks
  • Vandalism of our environment or the property of others
  • Use of mobile phones or MP3 players in lessons, unless required