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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy

Gifted & Talented

What does 'gifted and talented' mean?

Gifted pupils have high academic ability in a range of subjects.
Talented pupils have high levels of ability in Expressive Arts, PE and/or Technology.

Who is on the G&T register?

  • Pupils are identified by data to appear on the G&T register. 
  • There are a number of criteria that are considered when identifying G&T pupils, these are:
    • KS2 SATS scores
    • CATS data
    • KS3 SATS scores
    • Interim report data
    • GCSE results
  • Pupils who receive 3 or more nominations from departments also appear on the G&T register.

What is the school doing to help my child?

  • Additional training for teachers on how to stretch and challenge G&T pupils in their classes.
  • Monitoring achievement 3 times per year after reports are issued.
  • Intervention by Heads of Department if G&T pupils are underachieving in their subject.
  • Mentoring KS4 pupils on post 16 options and future career choices.