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Procedures for Academy closure due to bad weather & emergencies
(December 2017)

It is our policy to remain open unless we are forced to close because there is a risk to the health, safety and welfare of staff and pupils. The Headteacher in consultation with the Chair of Governors is responsible for making the decision to close the Academy due to inclement weather conditions in the immediate locality.

How parents will be notified that the Academy will be closed
Closure due to poor weather conditions are very rare and will be avoided where possible. In some cases, we may decide to open later than normal to allow time for the site to be made safe, this will be announced on the radio and the Academy website. There is no need for parents to contact the Academy to check whether or not the Academy is open. Unless announced on the radio and Academy website, the Academy will be open.

Academy Closure Procedures:
If the Academy is to be closed, there will be an announcement on the following radio stations to state this:

                                 Radio WM
       Capital FM
       Free Radio Birmingham 
e Radio Black Country

Additionally this announcement will be posted on the Academy website, Details will also be posted on the LA website (following notification by the Academy to the LA).

If the Academy is closed BEFORE the start of the Academy Day
Please refer to the procedures outlined above.

If the Academy closes DURING the Academy Day
Should the weather turn worse during an Academy day, students will only be sent home if there are satisfactory arrangements for them to return safely. Should any parent/carer wish to make any alternative arrangements for their child they should put these in writing to the  Headteacher.
The Academy will inform West Midlands Travel and individual transport providers to ensure that  adequate  arrangements  are  in  place  for  students  to  return  home  safely.  While we understand parental concerns, it would be helpful if parents/carers were aware of the difficulty for an office potentially responding to literally hundreds of calls. I would ask that parents do not telephone the Academy at these times unless there is an emergency.

In the unlikely event that the Academy should need to close due to a loss of services that render the site unsafe/unsuitable for staff and students we will follow the procedure above to inform parents and carers of the Academy’s closure. Additionally, we will send a text message to those parents/carers who have a telephone number registered.