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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy

Pastoral Support

Our Child Protection and Safeguarding policy can be found here.

Our Social Media Policy can be found here.

The ACE Academy continues to implement new strategies to support our pupils with additional needs.  We provide access to provisions to support students in their learning across the curriculum, as well as striving to meet and strengthen their social, emotional and mental well-being. 

Care and Guidance
Every student has a form tutor that they see each day.  The tutor is the first point of call for any concerns the student may have.

Students also have a Year Manager, a Head of Year and a Head of School. Their roles are slightly different but working together they provide a ‘wrap around’ level of care for every child.

Year Managers focus on matters of discipline, attendance and conduct.
Heads of Year focus on every child’s levels of progress whilst also promoting rewards and celebration.
Heads of School oversee the whole pastoral system and ensure that every child succeeds at all levels.

All of these staff work alongside our more specialist staff to make sure that every childs needs are fully met.

Student Services
We have a dedicated area based in our school office which operates to support the student body. This is the place where students can go to check any timetable issues, to access first aid and to find the answers to any general questions.

Child Protection
We have a dedicated team of staff that support any issue of child protection within the academy. Mrs K Kernan, Deputy Headteacher, is our Designated Senior Leader for Safeguarding.  She is supported by Ms K Maynard, Welfare Lead, and Ms L Turner, the Family Support Worker.

We use ‘My Concern’ in school as a referral and recording software system.  All staff are trained in how to use this and receive regular training in how to keep children safe. Additionally, students and parents can report any concern they have relating to a child’s safety using the email address below.

We offer Family Support interventions including Early Help support and also additional methods of support for our young people such as ‘vulnerable girls’ and ‘vulnerable boys groups’, anger management, mentoring, counselling and self-esteem work.

We link with many external agencies such as CAMHS, Brook, Murray Hall Counselling, School Health, Sandwell Women’s Aid, Krunch and the local Community Operating Group.

Online safety is something we take seriously at ACE.  Students are educated through the assembly programme and curriculum time on how to keep themselves safe.

Additionally, there is information for students and parents provided by clicking the link below.

Any concerns regarding online safety can also be reported to CEOP (Child Exploitation Online Protection) via the red CEOP button on the Homepage.

Young Carers
We were recently awarded the Bronze Level Young Carers Award for our work in supporting students with caring duties at home.  This level of support is bespoke to each student, depending on what their needs may be.  Each Young Carer has a plan of support that is shared with key staff.

Looked After Children
Any looked after child receives a high level of support from all the key pastoral staff.  They have a Looked After Child Review each term and also have a Personal Education Plan in place that ensures they are making good levels of progress.  The LAC Review and PEP are overseen by the students Head of School.