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The Ace Academy

The Ace Academy


The Academy has high expectations of its students and this includes their dress. Students should wear their uniform impeccably whilst at the Academy, and also when representing the Academy at other venues, on trips and visits.

We want our students to be proud of their Academy and wear their uniform with pride. There is much evidence to suggest that the highest performing schools/academies demand and achieve high standards and expectations of their students, especially with behaviour and uniform.  We are no exception.

Should you have any questions about what is suitable, please contact us at the Academy and we will advise you before you commit money and buy something that may not be acceptable.   Particularly worthy of note is the following:

Hairstyles should not be extreme.  Boys should not have anything less than a grade 1 and no tramlines or decorative lines/patterns in hair or eyebrows should be evident.  Hair colour should be natural.  If staff have a reason to question it then it is not natural and will need to be rectified for the next day.

Make-up or nail polish/fake nails should not be worn.

Jewellery.  Other than a pair of plain studs with a diameter of 5mm or less, there should be no visible piercings.  These include facial and mouth/tongue piercings.  Students will be expected to remove them if they are found with them in without exception.  We will not accept plasters being worn to conceal them.

Trousers should be plain black, not tight fitting and without zips, badges and other adornments. 

Skirts should be worn ‘at the knee and not above’ as per the uniform guidance. 

All shirts should have a top button, even girl’s blouses.

Shoes should black and polish-able and conform to the ‘ACE Academy footwear guidance for all seasons’ that can also be found on the website.

Full PE kit will also be expected to be worn completely and correctly. 

Students will not be allowed to access lessons or the Academy site unless they are wearing the correct uniform and wearing it properly.  We will have a stock of spare uniform that students will be expected to wear if they do not arrive in correct uniform.  If they refuse to wear it, they will be isolated and in extreme cases parents may be asked to collect their child to rectify the situation in time for the next day.

Sixth Form students are expected to uphold the ‘Business dress code’ of the Academy and are required to attend every day for the full day.  Privileges such as ‘home study’ will be granted based on achievement, attitude to learning and attendance to the academy and lessons.  A mature and studious approach to Sixth Form will unlock many benefits, the most important of which being a fantastic set of results at the end of the year.

Our uniform can be purchased from a range of suppliers however our main uniform supplier SWI who also supplies our PE kit can be contacted here.

The SWI orderform can be downloaded here.

You can view the school uniform here.